Starting to look like Freddie Mercury!

This is Freddie not Darren

OK, it’s near the end of Momber 2010 and we have to confess that Darren is looking more and more like Freddie Mercury.

The likeness is a little uncanny, but the team was wondering what his missus thinks of it? Well we found out she just laughs at him in a loving way.  This could be the start of the theme for Darren, copying celebrity moustache fashions.

Guess we’ll find out next year?!

In the meantime here are some bits for inspiration:

Top five – Celebrity Moustaches


Big Thanks to Glasgow Whisky Festival

Over the weekend Darren pack up some of the “Whisky 4 Movember” whisky and headed to Glasgow for the aptly named, Glasgow Whisky Festival. By all accounts it was a great success, with the stand we’ll attended and we hope to return again in 2011.

Darren at Glasgow's Whisky Festival

You can find them on twitter @GlasWhiskyFest or at the festival website.

The event aim is to put Glasgow back on the whisky map with an emphasis on Glasgow’s closest distilleries and the independent bottlers that belong to the city. But it’s not just about Glasgow, and featured whisky from all of Scotland and the rest of the world.

The event is co-organised by Mark Connelly (who had an impressive Mo for Movember), founder of WhiskyWhiskyWhisky and Bill Mackintosh, Chairman of Glasgow’s Whisky Club.

Both became frustrated at what Scotland’s largest city has to offer the whisky enthusiast and feel that Scotland national drink deserves to be given a bigger stage.

The dates for 2011 have been announced already as this year event sold out quickly.  If your interested in going here’s more info:

Date: Saturday 19th November, 2011

Times: 1pm – 5pm

Price: £20, plus booking fee. Available online, or from The Arches box office (by phone +44 (0)141 565 1000)

Whisky Squad Aftermath

Once again at Whisky Squad we had a brilliant session of tasting Scotland’s finest produce and sharing enlightening and informationsome discussery!  Among last night’s whiskies were the limited Whisky4Movember Bottlings (Mo’land and Smo’key), as well as a rare chance to try last year’s Mo’rkney bottle.  My notes – barely legible as they turned out to be were “Mo’land – smells like expensive New Zealand health honey!” and “Smo’key – oily orangey forest fire”.  Doubtless someone else will have something more sensible to say about them shortly.

The fundraising seems to be ticking over nicely so far, and our mo’s are starting to take shape.  I could only find pictures of 2 of the Whisky Squad Movember contingent – the other 3 don’t appear to have mastered camera technology.

As of 12:15 on Movember 5th, the Movember effort in the UK has raised £1,449,614 – an incredible achievement which will make a great difference to a lot of mens’ lives, and if we can have a bit of fun whilst simultaneously aiding that goal then that’s a highly excellent thing too.

Also, last night amid the twittering we learned that Whyte and Mackay’s Master Blender Richard Paterson (aka @the_nose to the Twitterati) – who has already generously lent his support to Whisky4Movember in the form of  appearing on one of the labels – has shed his famous 25-year mo to raise awareness for the cause!  Top effort, that man!

Relevantly, an interview with Master Mr Paterson appeared in Swedish lifestyle magazine site (English translation here) talking about Master Of Malt’s bottlings, and his personal relationship with the cause as a survivor of prostate cancer.  And, as Google Translate suggests he probably said in English at some point: If they do not, and participating in the campaign, they are just a bunch of “Pussi”.

I don’t think any of us could argue with that.

Day 4 – Mo news

Well thats us at day four and it seems we’ve raised £781 already as a team (excluding whisky sales). Thanks to the chaps at the Whisky Squad for your donation and time, plus to Darren for coming down and doing the tasting session.

For those who might not be growing a Moustache due to work commitments then signed up for the 5km Battersea Park running the Mo on the 21st Nov.

A bunch of us will be down there relaying with some of this years Whisky4Movember bottlings from Master of Malt (see the bottle page link above). W4M team

Whisky legend Richard Paterson takes part in Movember

So, Richard has kindly taken part in the Whisky 4 Movember team campaign this year!

Richard Paterson Smo'key Whisky

As you’ll see he’s featured in the label set along with Dave Broom, Marcin Miller, Charlie and Serge. Richard had his own battle with prostate cancer,so we’re glad he could chip in and help out. Thanks to all the guys involved and hopefully we’ll have a great Movember!

Update:  Here’s a link to an Article about Richard Movember activity in the Scottish SUN.

Growing the Mo 2010 – day 2

A new year and new whiskies.

The next month is a busy one as we travel around doing tastings and supporting some of the Movember events.

Back on the 13th October we were at the Movember Press launch with Darren & guys from Master of Malt pouring this preview samples of this yeyears limited edition Whisky 4 Movember bottling, plus we had fantastic support from Smokehead.

Last week was the shave down event at Murdocks Barbers in London, but for those not already sporting a morning shadow tache it’s not to later to trim in your Mo.

This Thursday evening the Gents & Ladies at the Whisky Squad are hosting a Movember tasting featuring one each of the MoM bottles. Then Saturday 13th Nov 2010 we’ll be in Glasgow at the Glasgow Whisky Festival.

The following weekend on the Sunday 21st November 2010 Nick and Duncan of the Whisky Picnic will be hosting a bash in Edinburgh where you’ll find our team leader Darren Rook behind the cocktail bar and also working with other colleagues from Master of Malt on the dram bar raising funds for Movember.

If your interested in attending the Picnic see

We’ll keep you updated as the month goes on but thanks in advance for your support.