Last call

That’s it gents – we’re round the bend and into the final straight! Only a few days of Movember 2012 left on the calendar.

What a month! We’ve had a ton of fun, attracted a few stares and tried to be the best Mo’ growers possible – be it a faint, wispy number (damn you genes!) or a thick, furry mass (Darren Rook, you beast!), you’ve earned our unwavering respect.

The end is nigh – but it’s not quite here and there’s still time to make a difference. So dig deep into your pockets or down the back of your sofas and donate a few of those lost pennies to charity.

And, to top the month off, remember that there’s still a great Whisky Squad Movember tasting┬áto look forward to.

Good times ahead…


Team Whisky 4 Movember