Shaving Accessories

For those of you who are already looking forward to shaving their Mo’s (itchy!), here’s some top tips on how to do it in a sophisticated and gentlemanly manner.

Fancy some fancy shaving cream? Look no further than D.R. Harris, one of London’s oldest ‘pharmacies’ on St. James St. The company, who have been looking after the city’s grooming needs for over two hundred years, is still family-owned and holds a warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales – so you know it’s good. Most of their products are still produced by traditional handmade methods and they’re individually packed right in the back of their shop. If we had a choice? We’d probably go for something like the triple-milled Marlborough shaving soap, beautifully presented in a Mahogany bowl. Apply with a shaving brush and voilà!


To suitably spread your shaving cream or oil, we recommend you choose a brush from Kent Brushes - preferably one made from badger hair (apparently the most succulent yet functional of all the animal hairs). The brushes are assembled meticulously by hand in Apsley, Herefordshire, and, like D.R. Harris, they also carry the all important Royal seal of approval.


And, of course, your routine wouldn’t be complete without aftershave and whisk(e)y… so why not combine the two?! We present to you WHISKEY After-Shave Splash from the Portland General Store. Made with sea minerals without the drying alcohol (!), and infused with the scent of our favourite spirit, this smooth operator is guaranteed to leave your skin nourished and the ladies tickled.