Day 15 – The halfway point!

All us Movember supporters are now at a halfway point in the month.

There’s some amazing support for the charity and we’re well into the hundreds for bottle sales, but still need help as a team to raise awareness and support for Movember, so get to Master of Malt if you haven’t already.

Just to give you an idea of how the whisky tastes here’s my own personal tasting note.

Colour:   A ginger moustache with a hint of rose gold.

Label:    M’Orkney – Handlebar

Age: Lowest age is 11years old

Type: Vatted Malt/Blended Malt

Price: £29.95

ABV:    40%

Nose:   Pulling the cork out the bottle for the first time my wife notes the gleefully expression of a small kid grinning as it produces that heady/satisfying popping noise that you only get from a newly opened bottle of whisky. There’s an instant waft of fairground honey coulomb pouring out the bottle, which is a great start as I haven’t even got it to the glass and I’m excited to try this for the first time since the cask selection process.

side note: When we put this in front Charlie MacLean he went in for seconds; stating “its a great whisky”. Pouring it into my nosing glass I understand why!

Sniffing this I find it develops a light woody spice hiding behind the sweet caramel and light wine top notes.  Normally I’m nosing at cask strength and this has just as much to offer. On further inspection the nose releases a malted aroma which gives way quickly to a subtle ash balanced with flora hints of plum. The sweet honey coulomb lingers as a theme on the nose and I could sit with this all evening enjoying the olfactory development. For some reason Asian women with warm saki, covered in Japanese tattoos pops to mind.

Pallette:   Before we get too far into this whisky I want to approach the subject of water, ice and mixers. Basically we (or I) think YOU SHOULD ENJOY THIS WHISKY AS YOU SEE BEST FOR YOU! If you want to mix it that’s cool by me (I personally play around with how to serve whisky all the time),  I only ask you take a small sip before adding what ever it is you may want to add (just so you understand the flavours we decided to put into the bottle).

Now I’m going to take a swalley of this from a Riedel whisky nosing glass so the mouth effect will be different for those using a traditional tumbler or a ISO style glass due to the design. Would recommend investing in at least one of these glasses if you like your whisky.

As the liquid flows out of the glass a wave of sweetness hit the tongue followed by a sensation oiliness and light peppery spice. Although it subdues quickly allowing the other flavours to kick in the initial flavour does linger, but I wouldn’t say this has a long finish as defined by Richard Paterson (you’ll have to twitter @the_nose to find out more)

Without sounding like the wine show; strawberries, fudge, pistachio, cherries and almond develop quickly and then subside to a pleasant warmth of smouldering fire and light sherry. My initial view shifts from the Asian lady to a night in front of the fire with a sexy little blond eating oysters on the half shell and drinking single cask Highland Park and Scapa.

A great intro whisky for none whisky drinkers and a fantastic every day dram for the seasoned pro. Have at least one friend getting this for Christmas.

So to summarise:   This whisky is an evening with the Movember UK gents. By this I mean in working to a good cause it exudes class, style, accessibility and fun. After making new friends, meeting some interesting and attractive ladies,  it all end in doing some good for men’s health issues.

n.b. please drink responsibly