Week three: Whisky 4 Movember update

Shorter days and dropping temperature can only mean one thing: we’re into the third week of Movember! Fortunately, our upper lips have the warm comfort of a furry Mo, but make sure to wrap up the rest of your bod and stay cosy.

Now, time for a team Whisky 4 Movember update…

After a great start in week one (ranked #429 in the UK), we had a minor setback in the second week as we slipped down the league table to #552. Sadly, the slide has continued and we’re now down to a still respectable #684.

With a mere nine days left, time is running out – but there’s no point in dwelling. Donate now by sponsoring us here and help stop the rot in the name of charity!

P.S. If you’re particularly proud of your Mo – and goodness knows you should be, dammit – then take a snap and hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. (C’mon, share the love.)